Current Projects

Monograph, Female Genealogies in the Medieval Literary Imagination

Women’s Arts of the Body. Special issue of Medieval Feminist Forum, co-edited with Irina Dumitrescu

Article, “Homeward Desires: Gendered history-telling in the Man of Law’s Tale and its analogues”

Peer-reviewed Publications

(see my page for some e-copies)

“Constructions of Queenship: Envisioning Female Sovereignty in Havelok,JEGP: Journal of English and Germanic Philology, forthcoming

“Romance and Revelation, Thinking Romance, eds. Katherine C. Little and Nicola McDonald, (Oxford University Press, 2017), forthcoming

Blog post on Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon, “Women’s Genealogies, in the (manuscript) margins?”, July 2017

The Authority of Diversity: Le Gracial for the Barking Community,Barking Abbey and Medieval Literary Culture, eds. Jennifer N. Brown and Donna A. Bussell, (Woodbridge, 2012), 210-32

The Patron and her Clerk: Multilingualism and Cultural Transition,” New Medieval Literatures 12 (2010): 23-45

The Woman of Revelation 12 from the Trinity Apocalypse (Cambridge, Trinity College, R.16.2), and featured in my article “Romance and Revelation